May 25, 2006

Post #1970 – 20060525

Dear Mr. Pinkwater, I just love the picture of you, Jill and Lulu!! I was trying to put it as my background on the computer screen just for joy, but I could not get the dad burn thing to be a background, so I saved the whole site! And Maxine Too is precious!! She is going to be a big girl, and I never saw such a cute face. It looks like she is going to say something in a minute!!

Your wife reminds me so of all my Tennessee Thompson/ Reynolds relatives ( when they were there) Now there is only Aunt May, who is 86, and she is the funniest woman I have ever met. She is like a stand-up comic, but cornier.

When I heard you and Lulu read How To Be A Good Dog, I laughed so much that I cried. Then I started coughing and choking, but it cleared my sinus. So thank you for that!! Your voice is lovely reading books. How wonderful your family is. I guess you read that book The Secret Life of Dogs. It was an eye-opener for me. Lovely dogs everywhere. My Buzzy Bee lived to be 20. He was a white little dog with a black eye, like “My master’s voice” ads. Well, I can’t think of much else to type. I hope you and Jill and Lulu and Maxine and all the critters are having a very fine day!! Kind regards from Phyllis( this is what my English and Scottish penpals say, Kind regards!!)

Daniel replies:

About that coughing and choking--many people have that reaction to things I write, or read. Thank you for not holding it against me.