Lise Eisenberg

April 30, 2006

Post #1963 – 20060430

There’s this house that just appeared for sale on craigslist, and I thought of you. Something about Dutchess County and the kennel. So, in case you have a pile of money lying around and are not already living in your dream house, I figured you might want to know about it. I’ve edited down the effusive description of the house and grounds, but you can find the entire listing and some photographs at the URL below. (I’d be tempted myself, if it were closer to any center of civilisation. I remember some less than kind words you’ve said about Dutchess County, many years ago.)


$819000 – Gorgeous home, total privacy – 21 acre Dutchess County hilltop estate

Daniel replies:

We already live in our dream house. Dutchess County is extremely beautiful. And as to a center of civilization, could anyone ask for more than Poughkeepsie, once the home of Smith Brothers Cough Drops, and presently of Vassar College? And only $819,000! Such a deal!