Betty Goldberg

May 2, 2006

Post #1962 – 20060502

I am a middle aged mother of two sons who were raised being read to by me ad nauseum. Your books, early children’s book, children’s novel collections and adult books have been massively appreciated by my family — AND NOW — in addition to my normal work, I volunteer five mornings a week reading to anyone who will listen on a local elementary school yard. A throng of children runs to me each morning as I settle into my camping chair and pull various books from my book bag and I thought you might like to know that of all the books I read (and I read a LOT) The Big Orange Splot is ALWAYS and FOREVER deeply loved by the listening kids. And, after lo these many years of reading it – – I share their feelings. Toothgnasher Super Flash, Wempires, Doodle Flute et al, have ornamented my life and it brings me untold pleasure to brings these books into the lives of others.

Daniel replies:

Wow! What a nice thing to read. Someday I am going to visit some other author-websites and see if anyone else has readers like mine. If they do, why are they such sourpusses when you meet them? Must be publisher abuse.