Sheri Jensen

April 10, 2006

Post #1956 – 20060410

About, oh I don’t know, maybe 8-9 years ago, you read a book on NPR with Scott Simons that was an anthology of sorts, concerned with animals. The book was characterized by clever, illustrative word play. A particularly poingnant section about regurgitating penguins haunts me, as does the memory of Mr. Simon’s inability to make it through most of the selections from the book without dissolving into fits of convulsive laughter. Through the magic of the google, I’ve searched for this book – to no avail. Do you recall the title, author, or subject? I’m sure there are many such books out there, and as an author, you’re probably surrounded with titles and all kinds of literary distraction. However, any help you may be able to lend would be greatly appreciate.


Sheri Jensen

(a.k.a. Maaahuum)

Daniel replies:

Antarctic Antics: A Book of *Penguin* Poems: *Judy Sierra*, Jose Aruego--and best wishes to the atomic clock.