karen raab

April 7, 2006

Post #1954 – 20060407

My children grew up on your stories – one is away at college now and the other will join her this fall. The other day we were reminiscing about the “old” days and your books came up. I had to laugh when both my 18 and 20 year old “kids” started spouting lines from Guys from Space, Wempires and Wuggie Norple. I tried to order the Wuggie Norple story for my daughter as a surprize and found it was out of print – any chance of a reprinting???

I now tell all my co-workers with young kids to read your books and, of course, once they do they all come back with glowing reports!

Thanks for the memories!

Daniel replies:

Thanks for taking the time to tell me nice things. Wuggie Norple is out of print as you know, but not hard to find at various online used book sellers, and Ebay. I have the best readers of anyone, as you appear to know.