Laird Carlson

March 11, 2006

Post #1937 – 20060311

I publish the Cell Door Magazine ( is written for the most part by inmates or ex-cons. Gwen Seale, who is incarcerated in GA, wrote a lovely children’s story with illustrations about a girl who is the daughter of an incarcerated woman. AMY HAD A SECRET You can view the book on the WEB at:,

or I could send you a printed copy. I think it would be a good subject for your children’s book review on NPR and you also may help get it into the female prison around the country.

Daniel replies:

Thanks for calling the book to my attention. I had a look at it. It's well-done, and conveys an important message. But it happens I don't pick books for the radio segment based on message or social import--not that I think those aren't legitimate, just that I'm looking for different things in a work of art. The book might be of interest to some of the news/information programs on NPR, and commercial broadcasting as well--and I encourage you to to approach them.