Keith Baldwin

March 7, 2006

Post #1936 – 20060307

So there’s this theater in my hometown, they do dramatic stuff on the weekends, but nothing the rest of the week. I’m trying to drum up support for them to start showing old movies. They said they’re interested and they have the equipment, but they need money for copyrights and such.

I started a donation drive, and got some interest, but most people figured they could just rent any old movies they feel like seeing. This is silly because they don’t know a lot of the movies, can’t get a lot of the movies at blockbuster, and would be missing out on the whole silver-screen element.

Meanwhile, I haven’t heard from the theater since they found out I wasn’t one of my uncles (bunch of rich guys). What should I do? Should I give up and just buy some Laurel and Hardy DVDs? Would it be the same?

Daniel replies:

Nothing beats seeing movies like that with an appreciative audience--but

DVDs have their charms too.