Robert Nowak

January 20, 2006

Post #1915 – 20060120

I am trying to find a Daniel Pinkwater piece that was on NPR many years ago. In it he describes the behavior of emus (I believe) in Africa to guests at a cocktail party. These observations are based on his eye witnees account. An ornithologist, who was present at the party, disputes Mr. Pinkwater’s account and claims his credentials as an expert should outweigh Mr. Pinkwater’s eye witness account. In the end Mr. Pinkwater gives up and says something like, “so I ate him”. I would appreciate a transcript, reference, or audio version of this piece. Thanks.

Daniel replies:

It was a flock (or herd) of wild ostriches in some place like the Serengeti National Park. I was showing my African slides to friends in a garden in Bronxville, NY. One of the guests, expert in such matters, insisted they had to be domesticated ostriches on a farm, because wild ostriches don't go around in gangs. The story as told on NPR may be found in Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle, (Xlibris)--I'm not sure. I have never eaten an ornithologist in my life.