June 4, 2005

Post #1830 – 20050604

Dear Mr. Pinkwater –

Your books are truly beautiful. I’m fairly sure that The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death is right up there with History of the Peloponnesian War and Finnegans Wake as far as rad things made from words go.

Three questions: One. Is there anyplace even remotely similar to Beanbender’s in the continental U.S.? Two: could you recommend a good polka album? I’m not kidding about the polka album. Three: Considered reprinting Norb?

Ran across a store called Toad’s Mini-Mart today. Wondered briefly if it was manned by Hapless or a relation thereof. Would not be surprised.

I remain –


ps: Three years of undergrad have only made me appreciate your work more. You are scarily brilliant.

Daniel replies:

You think scary from out there? Imagine what it's like on the inside. Never having been able to read Thucydides in Greek, I can't comment, but Winnegan's Fake stands forever as a beacon, informing the sapient writer as to how much he can get away with. Sorry about not being in a position to recommend a polka album--there are some depths to which I have not sunk. There were beergardens not unlike Beanbender's in Chicago in my youth. Now? Dunno.