Seneca Holland

November 29, 2004

Post #1791 – 20041129

Mr. Pinkwater,

I was wondering if any audio files such as Cd’s or cassettes existed for the Blue Moose Tales (Moosepire, Return of the Moose, and Blue Moose)? If so where might I be able to find such files in time for Christmas? I have 5 younger siblings all from Maine who will find a blue moose who serves chowder hilarious. Thank-you for your time.

Daniel replies:

Not at present--and the books aren't even in print. But there will be a new collection of all three Blue Moose stories from Random House in about a year. An audio version has not been discussed, but it could happen--and I think there may be some cassettes from an earlier production floating around, but finding one would be a matter of luck.