November 28, 2004

Post #1790 – 20041128

Dear Daniel,

Your response to our comments of November 22 were greatly appreciated and I (Susie) am thrilled to have finally written to an author. Since you seem to actually read your e-mail yourself I wonder if 1) you would confirm our assumption about “Wampires” from the taped series “One people, many stories”, 2) really listen to the audiocassette of “Bunnicula” (or at least part of it) and 3) let me know when you talk on NPR. We get the programs broadcast from Vermont and I’ve often heard Fresh Air interviews of musicians and various performing artists. By the way, I’m a strong believer in the value of reading aloud way past the age when a child is able to read on his own and clearly remember being read aloud The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck by our Grade 6 teacher in the advanced reading class. The single most positive practice I have offered my children is the ability to enjoy “listening tapes” which are so far superior to watching. Thank you once again for responding to our queries and comments. (Do you really have the time to do this?)

Susie (anonymous is in bed!)

Daniel replies:

Why would you think I am unable to read email? I have been reading since I was six. I already forgot what your assumption about Wempires was, but I am happy to confirm it. I never know when I am going to talk on NPR because those pieces are recorded, and they use them as needed.