Brad Sondahl

September 6, 2004

Post #1746 – 20040906

Looking for Bobowicz is a wonderful addition to your body of work. As usual, I read it out loud to my sons, only now they are 19 and 22 instead of 3 and 6, as when I started reading your works to them. I was able to sing the C-H-I-C-K-E-N song to them, being familiar with Mississippi John Hurt’s version. You can also sing it as a round with the verse (slightly different tune), “Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown, what you gonna do when the rent comes round, what you gonna do, what you gonna say, better be ready for the judgement day–oh you know I know rent means dough, or the landlord’ll kick you out in the snow, Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown, what you going to do when the rent comes round…” I’m sure you’ve heard it on WRJR. I also knew “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens…”

I also appreciated some of the more subtle references to previous works, including Tesev Noskecnil Park.


Brad Sondahl

Daniel replies:

Looking for Bobowicz is a good book, and I am proud of it--but I cannot wait, cannot wait, until the sequel, The Artsy Smartsy Club comes out. If that is not the very best book I have ever written, I am a walrus. And, in spite of what some people may think, I am not a walrus. Anyway, I really like The Artsy Smartsy Club. I am going to ask Ed and the publisher if we can serialize it on this website--maybe a chapter a week.