Jane Smith / Melissa Ross

July 29, 2004

Post #1732 – 20040729

Mr. Pinkwater, I just heard something that I don’t know if you’ll find hilarious or appalling. Apparently a library patron in Chester, New Hampshire has asked that “Fat Camp Commandos” be removed from the library’s shelves because it “makes fun of fat people.” I didn’t realize your books were such a source of controversy! No word of a fatwa being issued, but I’ll keep you posted.

J.Z. Smith

New Hampshire


We just had the Grandmother of a young patron come in and she returned the book “Fat Camp Commandos” by Daniel Pinkwater and she asked for it to be removed from our shelves. She was given and filled out a Request for Reconsideration of Materials form. Her complaint was that the book “made fun of fat people”, however she did not even get past the first few pages. She thinks it should be taken off the shelves. We are very familiar with the Library’s Bill of Rights what we were wondering is has anyone else had a challenge on this particular book and if so what did you tell the patron.

Thanks for any info.

Melissa Rossetti

Asst. Director

Chester Public Library

Chester, NH

Daniel replies:

If you are in touch, please convey the following: In regard to the library patron who desires that my book FAT CAMP COMMANDOS be removed from the shelves ""because it makes fun of fat people,"" I want to say that I agree with that fat person. Not only does the book make fun of fat people, but the author continues to think fat people are terribly funny--some more than others.