Amanda Easton

July 22, 2004

Post #1731 – 20040722


I just wanted to say thankyou to Daniel for entertaining an almost 40 year old woman. Some years ago I was ambling around the children’s library with my son looking for something I’d not already read (See, I’d taken my boy as a ruse…..he was only a few weeks old at the time) and there was your copy of Borgel….although I’m sure it wasn’t called that then. I read it, raved about it, took it back to the library and then decided to buy my own copy. But, being a total duffer I managed to forget a. what it was called and b. who it was by.

Now, this makes buying a book very difficult. I tried all sorts of combinations at the bookshop….did it have ‘popsicle’ in the title? No, as it turns out….but at the time I was convinced it did. The poor bloke in the bookshop thought I was crackers, but he was too polite to say so…..remember this is England.

Now we fast-forward a few years. My son is now 12 and I’m still searching for this great book. But now I have a computer. And the amazing thing is you can sit for ages and try all kinds of combinations without feeling guilty about boring anybody else….and you can find the book you are looking for….and I did. I had to order it second hand from someone in America and it was now called Borgel (which it wasn’t before) and it cost me an arm and a leg but it was worth every penny….it is such a good book….so mad and imaginative and funny.

Since then I’ve managed to get a copy of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, Lizard Music and The Afterlife Diet. I just wanted to let you know how good I think your books are and to say thankyou very much indeed Mr Pinkwater.

By the way have you read The Eyre Affair/ Lost in a Good Book/ The Well of Lost Plots…..all by Jasper Fforde? If you havent, then find them and read them……I think you would like them. They are a little bit Lewis Carroll, a little bit SF, very original and very clever.

Thankyou again,

Amanda Easton.

Daniel replies:

I think Borgel was called ""Time Tourists,"" or something similar in England. Had you written here first, I could have told you that it's included in one of the two (cheap) paperback anthologies, 5 NOVELS and 4 FANTASTIC NOVELS. That's nine novels, eight of which you haven't read, and you can probably get them from amazon UK. Sorry about the sales pitch. Thanks for all the kind words.