July 16, 2004

Post #1726 – 20040716

Hello Mr. Wonderful,

Please could you explain the dog behavior I’ve observed in a variety of parking lots? When owners run into the store and leave their dog in the car, why does the dog move into the driver’s seat? And for those few dogs who do not move into the driver’s seat, why not?

Also, I am looking for the eggplant-vegetable recipe on your site and cannot seem to find it. Would you be so kind as to direct me to the recipe?

Thank you, Mr. Wonderful. I am still somewhere beyond the ozone over having won Morty & Ray, a totally lovable story. My friend Iliana in Albuquerque would like more Mush stories. She’s not yet ten years old, but she has impeccable literary taste.

Your devoted fan,


Daniel replies:

The dogs you see getting behind the wheel are trying to work up the nerve to steal the car. The dogs who don't get behind the wheel are either good dogs, or have had their licenses suspended.

The recipe you want is for ""ratatouille."" All recipes for ratatouille are pretty similar, and they're all good. Try a google search.

You too, are wonderful.