Adam Selzer

June 11, 2004

Post #1708 – 20040611

I would just like to add my name to the rolls of those who feel that Nifkin deserves a paperback edition. This book nearly single-handedly made me decide that Chicago was the town for me. I first visited the city a few months after “Nifken” was released, have been back regularly since, and, now that I’ve finally finished school, I’ll be moving there for good in a few months. It’s a rare book that can make a person decide where to live. The fact that it has not come out in paperback already is enough to make me wonder about the state of the world at all. I, for one, will buy the paperback, too. My hardcover is nearly worn out.

Daniel replies:

I understand that the one publisher has made a fair offer to the publisher of Nifkin, and that publisher is engaging in corporate thought--you know what that means, right?