Charles Bailley

June 7, 2004

Post #1707 – 20040607

Caught you on KERA 90.1 this fine Monday and as usual when I’ve had the pleasure of your voice filling the space between my ears I found my life improved and boundless. Not that I’ve been bound more since my chains got rusty and hard to wear. The interviews with Lulu[?] are a void in my life but I hope to cure this problem soon. How? I don’t know but it’s not the destination it’s the trip. I remember my younger brother Dick coming back from a late night session replete with cards, mind-altering beverages,and fragrant incense[that’s what he called it] to regale me with a tale told by the early DJ about radio magic. His account broke me up; I was awake at the time. Conjuring up you and Lulu does the trick for me,too. Ad astra to you and yours. Bob Bailley

Daniel replies:

I was impressed with the listeners who called in during that interview. No doubt Lulu will want to write a book, literary pooch that she is.