jennifer g. hatters

November 1, 2008

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mr. pinkwater!

i am a volunteer (and occasionally paid) children’s art teacher. i loooove what i do but have found that there is more to teach adults than kids about use of imagination and creativity.

your book, ‘the big orange splot’ has been a huge help in breaking down the barriers of imitation. i read it to each of my classes at the beginning of the course. after i have read it, with great seriousness and awe, they are able to finish the final sentence “…and it looks like all our dreams.” and i am nearly moved to tears.

this book has become a standard gift, i give it to every kid i know as well as adults who need to stop saying, “i can’t paint, draw, or do art.”

so thank you very much for your insight and story.

jennifer g. hatters

Daniel replies:

Thank you! Try another one of mine, BEAR'S PICTURE. I bet you like it.