O. N. North

January 16, 2004

Post #1686 – 20040116

Mr. Pinkwater, Sir:

A number of years ago, I heard an essay of yours on NPR in which you quoted your typical response to any person that had written to you complaining about “dirty” words in your books.

I recall that in part you stated that you believed that in was important to learn to distinguish between polite and impolite intentions behind what is said, and further that when you were alone you rarely used any words other than short old ones!

I was delighted by your essay at the time, and would very much like to have a copy of the text of letter referred therein.

Perhaps you can request someone on your staff to email me a copy of this letter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Daniel replies:

Oh, yeah--like I have a staff. If the essay isn't in HOBOKEN FISH & CHICAGO WHISTLE, published by Xlibris, (which I dimly recall it may be), then it's lost. Good luck.