Ilan Rotenberg

January 11, 2004

Post #1678 – 20040111

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Although I have no steamed dumplings to offer you, I have a question. My question is as follows: Why do you mention Romania so much in your books? It is always a subtle mention for instance in Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars [which I am currently reading, instead of doing a project for school, for the umteenth time] you say that the Old One’s vacuum will take 8 months to repair because they need to order parts from Romania. I beleive in Borgel you at some point mention that the radio staton will continue its program of Rumanian music.

Keep writing your excellent stories and please respond,


P.S. My old english teacher looks like you, just thought you might like to know that.

Daniel replies:

Because one of my favorite songs is ""Rumania, Rumania,"" as sung by Aaron Lebedeff. Sorry to hear about your old English teacher. And the dumplings are for webmaster Ed. I have never received a single one.

Neither have I. --Ed