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August 1, 2003

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I am doing a report for college on cults and alternative religions.

I know you were raised Jewish, but I recall hearing somewhere, might have been NPR, that you belonged to a sect or cult of some sort at one time. Is this true and if so was it a Jewish Cult? Could you elaborate some? Would you elaborate some if you could? I am serious in my desire here as I feel it would make a nice addition to the paper I am writing.

Thank You

Daniel replies:

Matter of opinion whether I was raised Jewish. And as to cult membership, or even schools or styles of meditation I may have practiced, I prefer not to be specific, lest someone who enjoys my work, and supposes me to be a smart guy, get the idea that I am endorsing. I think meditation and allied practices can be positive things, but each person should find his/her own connection. A Jewish cult? Oy.