Gail George

July 23, 2003

Post #1666 – 20030723

Hi there….:) I am an NPRofile AND a Kindergarten teacher in Florida….(that is quite a combo!) I have bought books to read to my kids based on a couple that you reviewed with Scott Simon…the latest was about Murphy the dog…that’s the one we will read on the first day of school…thanks! My question is, did you hear or read the story this past week about the temporarily purple polar bear in the Buenos Aires zoo? I was thinking I would tackle that as a subject for my first children’s book…what do you think? I may try my hand at illustrating it too… thanks for your thoughts….you have great taste in kids’ lit!!! Gail George

Daniel replies:

Yes, the purple polar bear was called to my attention. Ordinarily, I don't like that color for bears, but this one looked very nice in the picture. You know, it's less the subject than what you do with it. A polar bear or a doorknob--if it piques your interest, and you have a good time with it--then, there you are!