Sarah G.

July 16, 2003

Post #1660 – 20030716

As I recall, “Lizard Music” was featured on “Reading Rainbow” in one of those short little bits where a kid is holding the book they liked and they give a brief synopsis..maybe 3 minutes. Might have been 1980-2ish.

Or it may have been one of the “Magic Moscow” books and I just have preserved it in one of those reality/fiction blend childhood memories. I have a lot of those…I relate a story from my past and my family says “that never happened”…oh well, I wish it did then.

Re Great Danes…pure joy…the most human-like animal I have ever met but without all of those annoying human traits like opinions and the ability to talk.

Daniel replies:

It could have been. The only book of mine that was a feature on Reading Rainbow was Tooth-Gnasher Superflash. I remember 3 Danes who were standout personalities from the days of Superpuppy, the school.