Sarah Grzeskowiak

July 15, 2003

Post #1658 – 20030715

I just wanted to join the leagues of fans of yours who have simply written to express appreciation.

I was introduced to your work at a very tender age when Lizard Music was featured on “Reading Rainbow”. My best friend and I read everything available at our local library by you.

A few years ago the same friend was working at a used book store and bought up every book of yours that came through to present to me as a Christmas gift. It was wonderful to rediscover your work as an adult, and to read some of your more adult geared books. I can relate to much that you write about, as I am the granddaughter of 2 Polish immigrants. Also there is a Great Dane in my life who makes me smile continuously, so your dog stories really do it for me too.

Thanks again


Daniel replies:

Thanks for the kind words. I don't think Lizard Music was featured on Reading Rainbow--was it? I have known only a few Great Danes, but each of them was a character, and lovable.