The Mad Librarian

July 16, 2003

Post #1659 – 20030716

What is this? I and my sister just discovered that there is a series of books that appear to be by other authors and yet that bear your Moniker in the series. as in (The World of Daniel Pinkwater Series).

Are these in fact attributable to you your greatness or is it that someone is trying to make a fast buck from your genius your worship.

In any case I will seek these out if you have anything to do with them

Mad Librarian

Daniel replies:

Some agent talked me into writing a ""bible,"" for a fast thousand dollars. (I needed the money). The idea was that other writers, great and famous ones, would have fun playing they were the Captain, filling out the plots. Later, the publisher was sued because the title he gave the series was a trademark infringment on some product or other--and the books were scrapped, supposedly supressed. I never read past the first page in any of them. Draw your own conclusions.