Kenneth Ott

January 20, 2003

Post #1601 – 20030120

Ok— loved the Sergeant Preston piece on NPR today—but come on can a dog read commands—sit, left paw,right paw?? Written on a 3 x 5 card?? Really? Where can I get transcript or essay or whatever of the Obit/tribute of the family dog on NPR –circa 1999 ? It was the most moving radio segment of my life. Please let me know! Published anywhere??

Daniel replies:

Yes, she can do it, but she is so wiggy and over-reactive that very few people beside myself have seen her read. Some say it's a trick and that I am somehow giving her subtle signals. Others say I am a witch. In fact, many dogs can read, but feel--perhaps rightly--that there simply isn't anything worth reading these days. The essay you mention is in Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle. It aired in 1988.