David Wolf

January 20, 2003

Post #1599 – 20030120

Dear Manus: I remember you from your friendship with Mel Schwartz. I was one of Mel’s satellites back in high school, and in college I was rooming with Mike Lome. I vaguely recall an unfortunate incident in which my stereo cabinet might have been scratched and bad feelings all around. That was many many lifetimes ago, and now I have a grandson who is reading one of your books. Of course I have heard your name and fame for many years now, and find myself bemused that someone I considered rather abrasive back then should end up a highly successful author of children’s books of all things. Strange how life turns out. If you respond, I’ll let you know what Dominick (turning ten in a few weeks) thinks of your book, Alan Mendelssohn, the Boy from Mars. (Not that it matters. I think that book in particular has occupied a well-established place for decades. It’s possible Dominick’s mom read it when she was ten. In any case, all the best to you, and thanks for making so many young readers happy! –Dave Wolf

Daniel replies:

I actually remember the scratch on your stereo cabinet. I think Lome tossed his keys on the cabinet or something like that. I told you I did it because you were making his life a living hell. I don't know how you could have thought me abrasive, you awful little jerk.