David Myers

November 4, 2002

Post #1567 – 20021104

Dear Mr. Pinkwater and authorised inspirer that inspired me to write about (future) penguins,

I am a 10 year old boy ( or penguin whichever you perfer) boy who lives in Maryland. I am most recently reading your The Afterlife diet and I thought the part about the mistform Robert Frost poem was really (or penguinly) funny. My most creative thought right now is about a penguin who likes to wear neckties and communicates with other penguins by snapping his necktie in different directions and in different beats. Well keep up the good writing.And one request is to make a Borgel 2 I really liked borgel and admired it. Well bye.

sincerely David Myers boy ( or penguin whichever you prefer)

Daniel replies:

I prefer penguin. I myself experienced penguinism for much of my 17th year. I variously horrified, amused and enlightened persons in Chicago, London, and at Bard College with my plaintive penguin cries, and penguinesque posturings. I ultimately gave it up, but considered it time well spent. I am honored to have a reader of your evident quality.