Lee Squires

October 27, 2002

Post #1560 – 20021027

Le Chat,

one of my multitudinous children has the misfortune to enjoy figure skating. Be that as it may, there is an interesting device that is sometimes used in their off ice training. I wondered if you have ever encountered it. It is an electronic device which measures the apex of the height of their jump (and is called, somewhat unimaginatively, an altimeter… I would have called it something more smashing – perhaps a “Zenith Marker 26917”). I was curious, has anyone ever measured the height of your miraculous hove? How high DO you fly? Do you indeed smash all previous records? Were you offered scads of money to do a study?

And can you tell that great jumping story again?

The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe

Daniel replies:

You must refer to the well-known photo of DP levitating. As to a story, there is hardly one--simply a fact known to ballet dancers and basketball players to the effect that when you go up, and before you begin coming down, there is a moment when you are going neither way. The idea is to expand that moment.