The Mad Librarian

October 25, 2002

Post #1559 – 20021025

Que Pasa Mio Descamisado!

What up with yo’ bad ol’ se’f there in Hyde Park? I was working again, finally, in OK and got laid off. (Damn the Economy and Damn Dubya anyway)! Now I head West and try to restablish life. I found something worse than a publisher. That would be People that are in charge of Oklahoma Library Reading Policies. Believe it or not these schtunks actually practice censorship. Makes me wanna upchuck sometimes that a child must ask parental permission to study a book on necromancy or get a copy of kama sutra. (They do have kama sutra and a few sordid and assorted sex books but kids can’t look at them.) So anyway how ya been?

Your Mad Librarian (Weary of life in the USA)

Daniel replies:

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