Brad Sondahl

October 24, 2002

Post #1558 – 20021024

I think those art history majors both should be flunked. Everyone knows he signed it R. Mutt– a world of difference from A Mutt. And it’s probably laden with deep meaning. Before he died, essayist Stephen Jay Gould and his wife began exploring the cosmic and mathematical meaning of his works, and came up with lots of amazing stuff.

However, the reason I’m writing is to thank you again for your link on your page to my pottery (which moved a year or so ago and I’ve sent the new link to the webmeister), and offer again if you need any pottery, ask, and it shall be USPS’d.

I’ve also added pages on the Shoe Tree of Idaho, Cooking by Dead Reckoning, and other superfluous topics.

Daniel replies:

We are always happy to do our bit for culture.

(We use our Sondahl bowls constantly, and get pleasure from handling them and looking at them).