Jack Haneklau

October 12, 2002

Post #1551 – 20021012

While listening to NPR this Saturday (Oct 12) I caught part of a review of a children’s book about a caterpillar and a gosling befriending one another, loosing contact, then finding each other again after maturing into adulthood. I unfortunately did not catch the name of the author or the book. It sounded like an excellent story for my grandchildren. Can you tell me the book’s title and the author, and any other stories you would recommend from that author? Thanks for discovering this book and for your help in identifying it for me. Jack Haneklau

Daniel replies:

Farfallina and Marcel, by Holly Keller.Actually this is the first book of hers I have seen, or remember seeing. (My next book is going to have a caterpillar and a goose in it, you may be sure).