October 12, 2002

Post #1550 – 20021012

I listened to you and scott simon (I think; I was driving) read a story about a gosling and a caterpiller today and it was the first time that I realized that you were the author, Daniel Pinkwater, as well as the commentator on NPR. It’s nice when someone whom you admire gives you reason to admire them more.

I’ve never seen your face until I found this site (wasn’t too hard: just hit your name on goggle) and I see a question here that relates to being a bully and being bullied as a child. When I was a kid, I was shy and occasionally was bullied because of it. My older brother, who was not at all shy, explained to me that he only acted like he wasn’t shy in order to overcome his shyness so I tried being a bully….for about a day. Then I realized that I really wasn’t that person and went back to being my nice, but shy, self.

On another front, where does a perspective children’s author get help in his quest to get his “masterpiece” published? I’m sure that you’ve been asked this only a few thousand times, but I’m up here in nowhereland, ny and I’ve sent out my manuscript to a number of publishing houses and it’s always inappropriate for their needs. It’s kind of a long poem story with a very positive message tht kids need to hear sometimes. I’m getting discouraged and don’t know what to do but send it out. Again.

Thanks again for all your good work

Daniel replies:

Stamps are cheap. I used a lot of them at one time.