Heather Hoffmann

September 15, 2002

Post #1539 – 20020915

I was wondering if you, or anyone else who happens to read this, knows where or how I could get a copy of the Chinwag Theater shows on which Borgel was read in its entirety. I would do nearly anything to get a copy….well maybe not ANYTHING, but I would be forever indebted to the kind soul who could help me find an unabridged audio version of this fabulous work. My blood still boils when I think about Dove Audio only publishing excerpts. The world needs to be able to hear all of Borgel. It is fantastic when read, but hearing it makes it even better. What other books of yours are available in audio form?

Thanks so much!


Daniel replies:

None of my books are (legally) available in audio form. I believe I know where to lay hands on all that Chinwag Theater material--but I would need some expert help, audio-wise, to get it all in order.