Patsy Nevins

September 18, 2002

Post #1540 – 20020918

Hello, Daniel,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your books. I love the collections of essays, & “The Afterlife Diet”, as well as your wonderful children’s books. I believe, however, that of all your work, my favorites have to be “Fat Camp Commandos” & “Fat Camp Commandos Go West.” I am one of Hank Wann’s Gabcafe Fatsos, & I love all the quirky, interesting, 3-dimensional, & positive fat characters you create. I think that Ralph, Sylvia, & Mavis are the best of the bunch. They are fun, funny, delightfully subversive, & educational as hell! I congratulate you on being able to entertain while raising consciousness & promoting fat acceptance. Thank you for books that make me feel good from beginning to end, & for writing which does not follow the old “& they lost weight, & became thin & beautiful & lived happily ever after” formula. I may have just turned 53 years old (“Fat Camp Commandos Go West” was my own birthday present to myself), but I am definitely one of your kids! I hope that Ralph, Sylvia, & Mavis will have many more adventures.

Best always,

Patsy Nevins

Daniel replies:

Nope. Sylvia, Ralph and Mavis are all done. There was supposed to be another, THE SEARCH FOR MAVIS, editorial department was happy, but the accountant/boss/pocket calculator-types vetoed--saying I was being paid too much money. They can get authors for less, and they are not programmed to recognize any criteria other than money.