Chris Raschka

August 26, 2002

Post #1529 – 20020826

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Thank you so much, and to Mr. Simon, too, of course, for the most beautiful reading of Arlene Sardine I have ever heard.

I am eager, too, to try sardines on toast a la Pinkwater.

Long live Arlene, in our hearts, (and guts).


delicately smoked in New York City,

Chris Raschka

Mr. Raschka is the author of “Arlene Sardine,” which was read on Weekend Edition Saturday by Daniel and Scott Simon.

Daniel replies:

Dear Mr.Raschka --

Yes, we done good--but it's easy when working with material like that....

Glad you enjoyed it. We certainly did.

Daniel Pinkwater