Marina T. Stern

August 9, 2002

Post #1518 – 20020809

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I have been thinking about that dog someone wrote you about, the Lab, border collie, malamute mix. As a border collie, it is likely to be smarter than any potential owner. As a malamute, it is probably tougher and more dominant than most people. Labs are sweeter than a sugar angel. Sounds like it has all the qualifications needed to become a benevolent dictator.


p.s. Thanks for the borgelnuskies. They arrived yesterday. We had them for supper, with lutefisk.

Daniel replies:

I am sure somewhere there's a stupid border collie. I have known plenty of Malamutes that were anything but tough, and horrible Labs can be found too. However, the combination might well result in a dog you'd like as a friend. Borgelnuskies with Lutefisk??? Euwww.