JoAnn Smith

August 7, 2002

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On a recent trip to Logsden, Oregon to visit my brother Bill, my sister in law Kristy and I went into Newport nearby to shop before my return to Pleasant Valley. While there we stopped in at Canyon Way, which is a restaurant and bookstore. My family has been a fan of Daniel Pinkwater’s books for years, and in looking through the new book section I came upon his newest, entitled Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories. Knowing this was the gift I was going to bring back to my family, I went up to the desk to pay for my purchases. Telling them what a fan I was of Mr. Pinkwater books, and about how he lived in Hyde Park. The proprietor of the shop Roguey Doyle wanted me to send him her card. I did know Don Traver from PV, who used to bring hay to his house, but didn’t know if he still did, but the owner just handed me her card telling me to give it to Mr. Pinkwater.( Ya right, like I knew him.)

It’s been weeks since my return and I still have her card on my refrigerator. So since I haven’t been able to send it to him, I’ll write what she wrote.

“Adoring fans in Newport, Oregon. I have Hoboken days and fish whistle as my bathroom favorites. Roguey Doyle. Canyon Way, New Port Or 97365

Hope this finds its way to Mr. Pinkwater.

And yes my family loved the newest book of his that I bought at Canyon Way. I also loved the illustrations.

Daniel replies:

When I get a card, I am going to give it to you to send to Ms. Doyle. Meanwhile, tell her you communicated with me, and I am gratified by her kind words, and when you see me having a poppyseed bagel in the Pleasant Valley Dunkin' Donuts, come over and say hello.