Bob R.

August 7, 2002

Post #1517 – 20020807

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Long ago I heard you enthusiastically endorse ratatouille as an overweight person’s path to weight loss. This regimen allowed you to eat meals of sufficient size and robust flavor while the pounds melted away. If I’m not asking something too personal, how long did you maintain this diet? (As I recall, you claimed to be eating the vegetable stew thrice daily.) What was the final tally of pounds lost? Would you recommend this approach to others? Is one recipe as good as another?

Bob R.

Sumner, WA

Daniel replies:

I do not believe there is a royal route to weight loss, and I did not believe it when I broadcast that piece about ratatouille. I am familiar with the statistics, which are: .04% of people twenty or more pounds ""overweight"" lose the weight and keep it off for two years. My ratatouille program was to help me take off some pounds before surgery. All went well. I still love the stuff, and we have it often. I am still fat.