Jevon the Tall

May 22, 2002

Post #1485 – 20020522

Dear Mister Pinkwater.

I’m not four hundred pounds, but I’m closer to 250 and 6’7″ of tall silliness. From what I gather you’re a shorter heavier version of brilliance. I wanted you to know your stories were good for a laugh at just the right time – my Mom thought you were pretty funny too (she’s the real critic!).

I’ve got a pretty popular site (last time I checked my counter I nailing about 8000 hits a month – heck the site is more popular than me – that just ain’t right!) of music / book reviews and short stories (shameless plug – Hubris run amok?). I’ve taken the liberty of posting a very gushing review of 5 Novels which I thought you might like to see – as opposed to a drop dead and go away review.

Jevon the Tall

“Who Knows What Silliness Lurks in the Hearts of Men.”

Daniel replies:

Going to look at it right now.