Dena Weiss

May 17, 2002

Post #1484 – 20020517

Dear Mr.Pinkwater,

Ever since I can remember I have loved your books.

At the present time I am 11 years old, and have read so many of your books that it is hard to keep track of them all. You are definitely my favorite author.

Earlier this year, my school did a mural on books and reading. I chose Spaceburger, and drew a picture of the android at the restaurant. Spaceburger and Fat Men from Space are probably my favorite books of yours.

I hope you keep on writing until you can write no more. Thank you very much and always a fan.

Thank you again,

Dena Weiss

Daniel replies:

Here is someone who has read many of my books, and yet is capable of crafting very nice sentences. I _will_ keep writing until I can write no more--and it is not just the millions of dollars, and the society of famous athletes and rock stars that motivate is that I have the coolest readers on the planet, one of whom is Dena Weiss.