Adam Lang

February 11, 2002

Post #1448 – 20020211

Just enjoyed the latest (I think?) Chinwag theatre. Always a treat, especially when I get to listen to it on the way to a rehearsal with my local theatre group, the Stanford Savoyards.

Anyway, just one thing. When you said that ‘Put out the lights and cry’ was liver and onions, you were quite right. But when you said that it was because you could find it in the dark, I’m afraid you were, well, in the dark.

As for the real derivation, well…

…does the phrase ‘Liver and lights’ ring any bells?

Daniel replies:

It rings a bell, but in sort of a muffled way. What am I, chopped liver? Chopped liver lite? How many livers does it take to change a light? A fast liver travels light? The livers and lights are going out all over Europe? I give up.