Leonard Dixon

February 10, 2002

Post #1447 – 20020210

Hi again Daniel:

The email address I used to have for you doesn’t work any more, so if you’d like to write to me, here’s my address: (removed)

If you do write to me at that address, or if you reply on this website, please – say where it was that we last saw each other in person – so I can be sure it’s you!

Of course, neither of us are quite who we were (thank popsicle!), so

. . .

Fare forward.

Best, from

Temporarily boring Leonard

Daniel replies:

Hm. Where _did_ we last see each other in person. (You mean physically in person, right?) And how can _I_ be sure it's me? Must have been at Bard. It was spring. Your grandmother had left you a few dollars and an old Ford, and you were heading out for California.