James Thompson

January 31, 2002

Post #1442 – 20020131

I just looked up the creator of the Snarkout Boys, and found Pinkwater, D. I read both Snarkout books as a pre-teen, back in the mid-80’s, and I am glad to now have the opportunity to say thanks. Thanks. Maybe my daughter will want to read them, too. Even if she doesn’t, I suppose I’ll have to track down the books to refresh my memory on how fun they were. I even took to “snarking-out” on my own, as a youth, inspired by these books. I hope that you continue to enjoy great success, Mr. Pinkwater. Thanks for a good time, no matter how long ago…

Daniel replies:

Oh, it wasn't that long--and both books are available in the paperback bind-ups, 5 Novels, and 4 Fantastic Novels.

Happy Schubert's Birthday, everyone!