Steve Harper

January 29, 2002

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I just finished _Uncle Boris in the Yukon_ and enjoyed it immensely, both your words and Jill’s illustrations. So I went to your web site to look for dog pictures and found only the one of you two with Lulu (Lulu’s a doll.) and the one with a shepherd-like critter sticking its head out of the car window.

How about some more pictures of your animals?


Steve Harper

Fayetteville, NC

Residing with a golden retriever, a husky, and two cats.

Daniel replies:

That's Jacques in the car with me. When the photographer asked for a shot with him hanging his head out the window, I said, ""He's been strictly trained not to do that. He'll never stick his face out the window."" Of course, he was completely into posing, and you can see the result. She shot a number of rolls that day, and in every single picture, Jacques is looking into the camera and smiling. About a third had to be discarded because I was blinking or frowning or looking away.