Lee Ann Steinmetz

January 13, 2002

Post #1426 – 20020113

I have been putting your books back on the shelf in the public library, but I’ve never read one of them. They are not jumping from the shelves onto the floor, rather, young readers have checked them out, read them and returned them to the library. However, after having read through this entire website, you can bet that I’ll be checking out and reading every single book you ever wrote. I thoroughly love your writing style. Keep up the good work!

I also printed out that great photo which Jill took of you, and someone doctored up. You know the one of you standing on your head, jumping up and down and running around the yard. I am going to show it to the children’s librarians. I just know they will love it. Any chance of getting it autographed?

Daniel replies:

I don't know...I sort of have mixed feelings about this. There's something pristine and satisfctory about a librarian who can say, ""I can't actually recommend this author, without reservation. I have never read a single book he's written, but the young readers check them out regularly."" It seems right. If you want to send me the picture to sign, along with a self-addressed, postage-paid mailer, Ed will direct you where to send it...if you insist on going on with this.