Cameron Munro

January 2, 2002

Post #1417 – 20020102

Just read your Uncle Boris book. Enjoyed it, even laughed out loud at times.

We have an Australian Shepherd (got him through an Aussie Rescue outfit). Enjoy him, even laugh out loud at him at times. Had him for over 2 years, and we’ve gone through obedience/tricks training. He can’t be trusted to come when called if he’s in full stride unless he happens to be striding toward you, but he’s getting better. He has an exessively short attention span–we call him Freak-Show (lovingly, mostly).

Through all this time and training, he still won’t “heel” consistently. I’ve tried praising him and bribing him (he moves ahead as soon as the praise/bribe has been consumed). I’ve used a pinch collar and a haltie, and I’ve tried being forceful but I’m not comfortable with the amount of force required before he takes sincere notice.

Ideas on training strategies for us and this hound? (He has a little brother [found at the pound the day before his execution] who is better behaved but takes his lead from big brother when we walk them/train them together.)


Daniel replies:

More...and more advanced...classes might be the way to go.