Stefan Jones

January 2, 2002

Post #1416 – 20020102

Dear Captain Pinkwater:

I finished reading _Uncle Boris_ last night. A lot of the stories were familiar (from _Fishwhistle_ and _Hoboken…_) but there was enough new (and polished old material) to make it well worthwhile.

Chapter 35 got me to wondering . . . are Juno’s smarts and “visual” orientation (watching TV, flash cards) due to her being of a northern breed (this supposes that eyesight would be a big plus in the great white north), or to being of a less domesticated breed? (The latter supposes that high intelligence isn’t necessarily a good thing in a beastie you want to be a loyal worker or pet.)


Stefan Jones

Daniel replies:

Naturally, I don't know. It's true that most sled dogs seem to have good vision--and it's also true that a certain kind of...I wouldn't characterize it as ""high""...intelligence can make a dog more of a problem for the average pet owner, (not us--we enjoy it). Along with our Inuit Dog, we have a Labrador retriever who is at least equally intelligent, but in a different way. I've only put in 30 years worth of observation--I know practically nothing about this subject.