Sarah Mittiga

December 27, 2001

Post #1413 – 20011227

My sister and I have been intense fans of ‘Fat Men From Space’ and the like for quite some time. That book has been reread almost as frequently as another timeless favorite ‘Chicken Trek’. However, my silly sister has recently begun to insist that you actually wrote the both of them, and have many other books under many other fake names as well. I don’t believe her, but if she’s actually right, my entire life will take on a new and definitive meaning.

So this is my question, really: ARE YOU STEPHEN MANES?

Please be direct. Really, this must be important, because I seem to be staying late at work just to finish writing this.


despite [being] a reader of many years, I have never heard of these *snarkout boys* everyone is so on about. I believe someone needs to give my local librarian a talking to?

Daniel replies:

No, I am not Stephen Manes, though I do know who he is. I am more talented, handsomer and have a sweeter personality than Stephen Manes. But he is still a nice guy.