Stuart Rojstaczer

December 16, 2001

Post #1408 – 20011216

I woke up last night with an urge for some seltzer, a bagel, and herring (who knows why?). At any rate, as I opened my refrigerator door, I remembered reading or hearing a story somewhere about an old Jewish man (I’m comfortably in middle age, but sooner or later I’ll reach old-dom) who wakes up in the night to get something to eat. I vaguely remember something about crumbs, seltzer and maybe even Santa Claus in this story. My wife says that this sounds like something Pinkwater would recite NPR. You know….one of those stories full of “narishkite” similar to the one about Shakespeare writing for the Yiddish theater in Warsaw. So…..does this story about crumbs, Santa and and old Jewish guy ring a bell? If so, where can I get a hold of it? Best, Stuart

Daniel replies:

I have no idea--and now I have an urge for some seltzer, a bagel and some herring. It's 11:00 PM and I am in a howling wilderness. Please be more considerate when you write to me.